No complaining!

A while ago I read a motto – “stop complaining and see what happens”. I thought what the heck, let’s give it a go. Well it has been amazing. I feel calmer and more in control. I have found an inner peace that is zen like. Things have improved and are happening for the better. On a recent business trip I had free upgrades on all legs of the trip, doors opened for new ventures and access given that I could only dream of. Coincidence? It would be easy to be sceptical, cynical or dismissive, but it genuinely feels good.

Giving it a go

There are times when I find myself tempted to a grumble but catch myself and go with it. Invariably a benefit derives from what I would formally have seen as a negative situation. Until each part plays out you never know where the journey is headed. But you will always be where you should be.

If you are not going to complain how will you address poor service, something going array, challenges to your status and ego, issues you do not want to accept, etc – the answer is pretty simple, ignore it. If there is something that needs sorting, handle it positively and with kindness.

“I do not wish to complain but thought you should know that you could improve your x, y or z service or product because I suffered a, b or c and if I were you, I would want to know.” Look for the positive in addressing matters. Seek a way to help the situation and walk away from the negative impacts of complaining.

Why would you not want to make your life smooth and pleasant. Complaining only keeps negativity in the front of your mind and gives an extra hurdle or barrier to break down. Negativity can be a big barrier to opening up to the possibilities that abound for us.

Try to be positive and not complain. You may be surprised by the results and outcomes. It can do no harm to take positivity as your default setting.