Good in Everything

State of mind is so important. You can never underestimate the impact and effect that words, thoughts and actions can have on your mood, your emotion or your perspective. Living with a positive approach and attitude will invariably deliver a better outcome.

The pleasure in positivity

There can be a lot of cynicism to positivity and some people will play on enjoying being miserable. But having travelled widely and spent a lot of time in the USA and UK, I can tell you there is more joy and pleasure in positivity. One of the things I love about the USA is the enduring positivity the Americans have and will answer the question “how are you?” with nothing worse than “great!”. In the UK the same question is greeted with shrug of the shoulder, an “okay” but never “awesome” “amazing” and “fantastic”.

Why not try out the positive approach and see how it feels. Looking at life with positivity can make a world of difference. There is good everywhere and you just have to see it. Be happy not because everything is good; but because you see the good in everything.

If you start looking for the good, you will be amazed at what you see. What opens up before you. How you can change your world. It might just be that happiness is where you are. Happiness is within and it just needs practice and maybe you can live the life you always dreamt but were too busy looking in the wrong direction.

Avioid toxicity

It is preferable to stay away from negativity and mood suckers. People who will sap your energy and drag you down into a mire of doom and gloom. Surround yourself with positive energy and positive outlooks on life. You are here once and are you not valuable enough to spend it in happiness and enjoyment. Seeing good and positivity will be one way to deliver happiness and enjoyment. It doesn’t need a pill or magic potions; it needs training and practice. Seeking good and positive is a habit and it requires effort and determination to walk away from negative and meanness.

Sure, there will be times when things conspire to get you down but your mood is your choice. Your reaction to circumstances and situations is yours to control. It is something children do naturally; as we grow older we forget the child like naturalness and energy as we take on life’s challenges. Embrace the simple pleasures and enjoyment and make the most of each moment.

You owe it to yourself to live the best life you can and get the most out of it – positivity and seeing good is one sure way to shine the light brighter!