Life’s a conveyor belt

Like a bicycle wheel turning, life never returns to the same spot. It rolls on. If you are not convinced of the wheel turning never returning to the same spot, put a chalk dot on a tyre and run it along a road. You will see the mark reappear circumference of the wheel apart not overlapping as may be believed. Life rolls along similarly, always moving forward, never returning to the same spot. We go through a succession of days, weeks, and months – called the same but never repeating.

Living in the moment

We are in the now, we cannot recapture the past or reach the future. From this comes the essence of contentment and happiness. Be in the moment but recognise the journey. Effectively we are on a conveyor belt not a treadmill.

Therefore, it is important each of us lives for each moments and makes the most of each moment. Whatever you do, do with purpose and deliberation. We don’t get a second chance. The world is full of people who are love to have a second chance. Ensure you work, rest and play with purpose.

In Groundhog Day the premise is Bill Murray is reliving the same day over and over again. However, in reality even in that premise he learns new skills, develops himself, all while it appears that he starts the same day over. Even in the film each moment counts.

No regrets

Live with no regrets because only you can decide what you do in each moment. Be what you want to be because only you can decide what you do with your life. The choices are yours and your life is in your hands. Whatever the circumstances, whatever the challenges, each of us has choices. We have to grab the moment, seize the chance, live our life.