Practice peace!

I came across an interesting perspective the other day: Everyday brings a choice, practice stress or practice peace. It neatly sums up two things. Firstly, it is better to live life in peace than stressed out and secondly, it ably demonstrates that life is about choice of mindset.

Choose your mindset

Each morning when you wake up you start with a clean sheet. You can make the day whatever you want. You don’t need to carry forward yesterday; or drag on to tomorrow. This is the interesting perspective. You can choose you mindset and mood. You can drive you emotions and feelings. You can break your cycle, break your patterns. This can all be achieved by choosing to alter perspective.

How do I practice peace?

How do you do this? Well there are a number of ways. Firstly, if you find the inner voice abusing you then switch off the voices; they will be probably talking to you in a way that your worst enemy wouldn’t. Be nice to yourself! Next, evaluate your circumstances and options. Then take positive steps to drive yourself where you want to be.

As you go through each day, being at peace with yourself is a valuable thing. Do you choose the peaceful routes? Do you do what you can to take yourself forward? There is no point worrying and stressing about something that hasn’t happened, If you can deal with something, deal with it; if there is nothing you can do or are waiting on something to happen then don’t stress about it.

What can we learn from this?

Any which way make sure that you take peace and positivity with you and keep your mind still. This is all practice in reality and you have to want to be positive and at peace. Practice it all the time and soon it will become second nature. Like anything in life it is practice.

As choices go, it has to be better to be at peace.