Moving Successfully

People are more ready to relocate today than ever before. With each generation over the last 60 years has seen a growing transience and appetite to roam away from the family nest. For the West no longer is the family infrastructure seen as a stable supporting cornerstone of life. Of course, any move can be daunting but in equal measure it is exciting at the same time.

Starting out

From when we are small the challenge of starting a new school and making new friends can seem overwhelming. This inherent trait can stay through out our lives and depending on personality type and approach will make a big difference on how the relocation works out. My family historically were all based around Harpenden and the extended family of first and second cousins were all within a five-mile radius. Our upbringing was centred around the Church and school and family. When I was 7, we moved to a village outside of Cambridge and the family network all slowly relocated and moved as well. Now the family is spread across the World. After finishing A-levels I went away to Nottingham to University. From then the longest I spent in an area was 2 years. Even after getting married we were nomadic, moving every couple of years until settling in a small village back in Hertfordshire.

Next steps

After divorce I was more stationary in London; staying in homes for 10 years at a time. But I now find myself once more enjoying the excitement of relocation, further afield this time. I have relocated from London to Cayman Islands 14 months ago. I was asked to move for a job and it offered an escape from Brexit. The challenge of a whole new culture, country and lifestyle was one to be embraced and enjoyed. I have now started my own company on Cayman and thoroughly enjoying the lifestyle. There is still a lot on the Island that we have not made time to savour or undertake.

How to succeed in moving

Quoted in a recent article in Rewire on the topic of relocating from big city to small towns I made the following observations. The challenge is knowing how to make a relocation successful and to avoid homesickness or regret. From experience I think the key is understanding the culture you are moving to and embracing the ways and people: joining organizations in your interest areas as well as entering into new activities to not just recreate your previous life; embracing friendships without being needy or forcing yourself into situations. There will be times of comparison and ‘what if’ which is entirely normal and should be used to reflect and not slump into negative thought process.

Whether you are moving to the next County, the next Country or further afield the challenges are all the same. Embrace the move; adapt your life and living to suit where you go to and seek activities to meet your needs. It is important to be looking forward and live here and now, not dwelling on the past or what if!

Wherever you move, whatever you do, live life to the full and enjoy every moment!