Quieting the Mind

Have you ever found yourself sitting with your inner voice beating you up for some silly reason?  You make a stupid mistake and you keep playing it over and over along with cussing yourself.  You forget to do something and you replay all the different possibilities that could happen, even though there is no way of knowing what will happen.  You are hard on yourself in a way that no one else would ever be and talk to yourself in tones and language that would get you beaten up if you spoke to someone else like it.

Well that is pretty normal and most of us are engaged in internal dialogue that is destructive or abusive to one person, ourselves.  It happens day in and day out and creates worries and stress needlessly.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have control of your inner voice?  How much better to be nice to yourself and listen to words of encouragement and reassurance?

What would it take for you to make the step to achieve that quiet mind? Well quite simply you need to engage a good coach who can work with you and turn the harassment you are inflicting on yourself in to silence, humour or purposeful dialogue.  How do you know a good coach?  Well it needs to be someone with great testimonials and a strong track record.  Someone who will question and elicit the brilliance that is inside of you.  Delve the depths of your thinking to scour the answers you will have buried inside.  If you find a coach who advises and tells you then that is the wrong direction and not effect real change for you. 

For lasting changes, you have to invoke the changes, you have to have a drive from within.  A great coach will facilitate this change and deliver your quiet mind that you can work with and compound the benefits of your new self.  Roger Southam offers value coaching with no minimum amount of sessions.  His testimonials speak for themselves.  He delivers quick solutions that are long lasting and put you in control.

Reach out today and make the change you want to be.  Be the best you can possibly be.

Roger Southam