New Year / New You!

Are you someone that sets goals and makes resolutions but can’t work out why you fall short or can’t keep them? Well you are not alone!

Resolution failings

22% of resolutions fail after the first week; 40% of resolutions fail after the first month; 50% after first three months and 60% fail after six months. Take solace that it is not just you. But the question is why is it so tough to keep a resolution? What can you do to make a plan and stick to it.

Well in reality it is entirely possible that you are talking to yourself and you can’t understand you – say, what? I will write it again… it is possible you do not get motivated by the words you are using. It is possible that you aren’t engaged or committed to your resolution and goal. Mmm, so how do I know? Well you can quiz yourself and test out what your trigger words are. You can delve into your mindset and learn to phrase in a way that works for YOU!

YES YOU CAN! well only if CAN is your trigger word anyway, ummm!

What can I do?

So ask yourself “am I someone that does what I want to do, what I can do, what I must do, what I need to, etc” If you pay attention to your language as you talk about things and events and activities you can pick up what fires you and what will never drive you to do a darn thing. Of course it can be easier to hire a coach to work with you and if you pick a good one they should be able to get to the golden nugget quickly. A high performance coach will not only find the golden nugget but will also work with you to polish it and make it shine.

How you set your goals and resolutions is a whole other matter and one I will pick up on in a different blog but if the language is not something you’ll act on then you will fall at the first hurdle!

Good luck and happy 2022 – may it be all you want, need, or can do

2022 Full of New Resloutions