Social Anxiety

Do you find yourself fading into the background, too scared to talk to new people or social outside of work?

Break free of your anxiety and seize new opportunities

It’s time you found the inner strength to break old habits and forge new relationships.

How to overcome your fear of social situations?

When we are confronted with meeting new people, especially when they know each other already. It can be tempting to hang back, stay quiet and perhaps assess from afar. However in doing so we allow ourselves to become distant, rather than reaching out and finding our place amongst new people.

While at times it can be useful to gauge group dynamics and look for clues about each person’s communication style, we often inadvertently rob ourselves of those crucial first impression moments which allow us to gather this information more quickly and naturally.

Testimonials What our clients say about our service

I had my first coaching session and was hooked. He is excellent in what he does and he managed to guide me and gave me a lot of helpful tips to follow in my busy life. I will definitely be going back regularly for coaching. ‐ Fleur Coleman
Roger was excellent at allowing me to guide myself at breaking down boundaries to find solutions. Creating a strategy to implement ideas that would work for me and my lifestyle. After each session there was an energy that stayed with me and I became much more focused on my goal. ‐ Matthew Kitching
Benjamin Disraeli said that the greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches, but to reveal to him his own – such is Roger’s nature and his gift. With his acute perception, high emotional intelligence, and warm humour, Roger helped me uncover inherent mental tools to unlock truly game-changing confidence, focus, and quieting of the mind. Roger’s mentorship, coaching, and support can effect seismic positive change in an incredibly short amount of time and in an extraordinarily enjoyable way. If you have ever wondered whether you have it within you to change for the better, you do and Roger is the one who can draw it out; sign up with him immediately if not sooner! ‐ Graham MacLeod
I would personally like to thank Roger for his help and guidance at a crucial crossroad in my career. I found it very helpful to be bring some focus as to what I have achieved to date, what I can bring to future roles ‐ Stuart Earl
Roger Southam made me see that I was making a generalised problem from a small specific issue. Making me laugh at it was brilliant. Identification of resources was excellent and to the point. It is easy sitting with him and very comfortable looking at these things. If we hadn’t done the session I would be where we started. A big thank you. ‐ Judith Sherringdon
Going through a very tough time at work made me question my whole ability and what I’d actually achieved over the past 20 years. Roger dissolved those doubts in minutes and showed me how to get what I wanted in simple steps. Now I know I’ll do better than I’ve ever done before. ‐ Suzanne Orrell
I came to Roger with an issue. I had just walked out of a high-profile position with a very successful firm leaving me with a sense of confusion, embarrassment, failure, uncertainty, shame but somehow, relief. In less than three hours Roger enabled me to stop my self-chastisement and get some clarity around the issues and the decision I had to make. ‐ Claire Nowell
I liked Roger Southam’s tenacity and direction. When he asked me to make a visual representation of my vision I realised that was what had been missing, and I got it. I appreciate his humour and presence. Thank you. FANTASTIC. ‐ Jane Tarbutt
Having recently established a new business I came to Roger to seek advice on a number of issues. Encouraging me to approach problems with an open mind really gave me clarity. Roger’s intuitive and informal style not only helped resolve these specific issues but has also left me with the confidence to be more decisive in the future ‐ George Copeman
Needing to find a new job but with a growing sense of self-doubt, the idea of facing interviews was appalling. Roger helped me to put everything into perspective reminding me of both my confidence and competitiveness. Now not only do I have a plan hoping forward I also have the resources to help with any future issues. ‐ H, Investment Advisor

Neuro Linguistic programming for public speaking?

Neurolingistic programming is key to stripping down your boundaries, finding that inner confidence and forming relationships and connections with the people around you. While medical professionals might suggest a course of medication and therapy for social anxiety, NLP provides a more tailored approach, drawing out the social skills you already have to help you understand that the strength to overcome your fear lies within.

Roger Southam’s approach to helping clients with social anxiety is unique. He works closely with you to help you define your goals and outcomes, before developing a plan that will guide you towards freedom. His positivity will help you understand that you have everything to bring down these barriers that hold you back.

What can I achieve with NLP?

Along your journey you’ll learn new skills and equip yourself with a ‘toolkit’ that you can apply to any anxiety inducing situation. This toolkit will be built using what you already know, the power that’s inside of you and some coaching tips from Roger.

At the end of your journey you will be able to:

  • Speak to new people with confidence
  • Approach crowds of people at networking events
  • Learn techniques that will help you command attention
  • Get into a positive mindset with ease
  • Use your body language to assert confidence
  • Apply these skills to other anxieties and fear