Life’s a game

Life is a game that we will all lose at some point. The only certainties are death and taxes, for all of us. A depressing thought but we are all in the same boat and therefore the challenge is how best to play the game of life. We all get 24 hours every day, making the most of each of those hours is key. It should give us the drive to make each moment of each day count.

Pay to win?

Whatever you want to achieve is possible. It requires drive, commitment, energy and resources. The resources won’t be money – necessarily!

We all have a stack of resources within us that we do not always realise. Translating success and achievements from one field to be able to see ability to succeed in another is important. If you can stack resources you can visualise a greater you than you thought possible. If you face a scary challenge that seems daunting reflect on other challenges you have faced and overcome. For me I was terrified of undertaking a parachute jump. Why would you get in a plane to then leave it while it is in mid-air? Fighting through that fear and completing the jump with the red devils (successfully – thank goodness) has left me with a resource that I call on often.

Losing brings opportunity

Often faced with leaps into the unknown, which can happen in many situations every day, it is worthwhile reflecting on challenges and obstacles you have faced before. It doesn’t matter how trivial or small they may appear – pull on your wealth of internal resources.

A good coach will be able to mine for these resources within you. Then use these resources and help you move forward to achieve your desires and dreams. Unlocking the hidden depths buried inside you is the key to coaching success. Whatever you face or need guidance on, you will have resources to assist – identifying and recognising them is not always possible. This is the power of coaching and can make a difference in the game of life.