Life’s journey

You may not always end up where you thought you were going, but you will always end up where you are meant to be.

Where are you going?

You may have an expectation of where you want to get to, of what you want to be. You may have a vision of how you can get there. But how often does a detour become necessary? What happens when you hit bumps in the road? Things will happen in life, challenges occur and the unforeseen can blow us off course. It is important to keep true to yourself and let your life’s journey be what it will be.

“What if…?”

The film “Sliding Doors” with Gwyneth Paltrow explores the outcomes of two very different paths; one where she misses her train and doesn’t know her husband is cheating on her and the other where she gets on the train and catches him with his lover. It would be great if we could foresee the outcomes from the options that life offers us and paths offered will lead us. The “what if?” question always lurks in front of us as we make our decisions.

Make your plans flexible, adaptable and be accepting of challenges and embrace where life leads you. This may sound a fatalistic approach and living laissez fair. But in reality, it is not. You should be your own person and work, drive, push as you instinctively know and want to. This is not about changing you rather it is a realism that life will move you along to your destination.

Which path should you choose?

Certainly, in my journey there have been twists and turns that looked odd and periods that were unpleasant. But it has been a journey that goes to make who I am and what I am. Morals, beliefs and guidance all flow from the journey.

Good coaching can help you recognise the turns in your journey and give clarity on how to deliver of your best. Using what is in you, bringing your skills, resources and strengths to the fore to shine on your path and aid your direction. Great coaching uses everything you have that is hidden inside you and brings it out to the surface. Coaching can be your torch to light your path.

Happy travelling!