Live life!

There are more phrases and philosophies than is good for us really.  A lot of them find different ways to say the same thing.  Ultimately it comes down to one key element and that is to live your life.

Whatever your circumstances you can choose to exist or live your life.  Be that from the richest on the planet to the poorest.  We can all find challenges and we can all face obstacles.  Which for some they are real and matters of life and death and for others they are trivial but feel enormous.

What’s next?

You never know how long you have on this earth and you never know what is going to happen next.  All we can do is live in the present and enjoy where we are as best we can.  Now this may seem an odd comment to enjoy where we are, especially if you are in unpleasant circumstances.  But if you reflect on this, being at peace, serenity and enjoyment is a far better state of mind than fear, worry and anxiety. 

This is all very vivid for me at present where a good friend has lost their husband, best friend and soul mate in a very short space of time.  One minute, life was perfect and in 10 days she was alone and her husband taken away to cancer.  Yes 10 days is all.  Wow, I cannot imagine the devastation if I lost my soul mate let alone with scant warning.  Additionally, another friend who lost her husband in an instant when he popped out on a short errand and never returned, having been killed in a car crash.  They were mid conversations, preparations, life and never concluded!

Ways to enjoy life

There is a lot of comment but of all the messages that can be projected, pushed and prophesised I really think it all boils down to live life.  Enjoy every second of every day.  Remember to love those around you.  Be conscious all of the time.  Remember why you got together with your significant other and ignore the frustrations, love them as you did in the first days.  Be grateful and thankful of what you have and where you are not envious of what you don’t have or are seeking.  What you project is what will come back.

This is not about positivity but about being in tune with yourself and your surroundings.  There is more content on the bookshelves and reams on the internet that will advocate this or that but in reality, it is simple: live life and be present all the time.

There’s a reason it’s called the present, because it is a gift – use it wisely!

Roger Southam

4th December 2020